Track Record

The track record

Milltown’s team is formed by scientists and professionals with high qualification and wide experience. A part of the projects and tasks completed till now is listed by sectors bellow.

1. Renewable energy and Energy save:

  • Participation in a French Investment company developing Solar and Wind parks in Brazil, West Africa, France and Greece;
  • Management of the above Companies.
  • Development and licensing of Photovoltaic Parks of a total capacity of 130 MWp and Wind Parks 125 MWp in Greece since 2008;
  • Construction of parks and operation of the said parks;
  • Participation in Greek Group specialized in trees plantations and products’ plants as well as in biomass plants.
  • Collaboration with German, Austrian, French and Spanish Investment companies in RES.
  • Under development PV Parks of total capacity over 1.200 Mwp in Northern Greece

2. Industry:

In Industy and management of industrial companies there is accumulated also a Large experience, and specifically:

  1. Development of product;
  2. Development of new plants’ design, licensing, procurement, construction, commissioning and operation of industrial projects and companies in Northern Greece. Establishment and management of the above companies.
  3. Restructuring and Management of farms and food companies: (i) pigs’ elevation and meet production (cold cuts – sausages etc.) (ii) duck elevation and foie gras and meet processing.
  4. Restructuring of companies of, (i) steel, (ii) non-metallic minerals, and (iii) fine ceramic products production.
  5. Participation in the Board of directors of alumina and metallic products production listed in Athens Stock Exchange. Participation in the Board of “European Business Network in Eindhoven, the Federation of Northern Greece Industries.

3. Project management:

The experience in Project management includes all kind of projects as:

  • The direction of the state’s program of industrial Areas network over the Greek territory, including the 27 Industrial Areas near the main Greek towns, including the construction and management of them;
  • establishment, licensing and organization of important financial organizations, as (a) four closed and open end funds and their management companies and the management of funds (b) two banks and the management of 3 banks;
  • programs concerning a group of engineering projects from the program finalization to the project design, tender, construction supervision and delivery, as the program of 45 state owned projects in Thessaloniki.
  • big engineering projects construction, as (i) the head offices of 3 Banks (ETBA, Macedonia & Thrace, Piraeus in Athens and Bucarest), (ii) the port of Astakos in western Greece, (iii) the Concert Hall of Thessaloniki and (iv) Commercial centers “City Link” in the center of Athens with shops, offices and 2 theaters, and “Kosmopolis” in Komotini in Northern Greece.

4. Financial sector:

In Financial sector’s companies and in their establishment, management, or restructuring there is also a large activity of Milltown’s partners:

  • Establishment of three fund’s companies listed in Athens Stock Exchange, management and participation to their Board of directors;
  • Restructuring and Management of a business Audit company owned by ETBA Bank 51% and a Private Group (49%).
  • Planning, raise of capital licensing and establishment of a Bank in Athens on 1991 and planning, establishment and management of a bank on 1999-2003;
  • Restructuring of a Bank in Thessaloniki (1988-2000);
  • President and CEO of three Banks (1985-88, 1988-89, 1999-2003) ;
  • Senior Management of groups of Banks’ affiliated companies (1982-87) and (2003-8);
  • Participation in credit committees of banks and funds.