Industry Sectors

Industry and Industrial Projects

Milltown has an extensive knowledge and experience in management and all aspects of investments in industry. Specifically:

  • New projects development.
  • Planning new investments, business planning, financing new projects or development of existing units, subsidies policy, plants construction or mechanical and machinery erection or installation and finally in Industrial companies’ management.
  • Mergers and acquisitions of industrial companies from private owners, banks etc.
  • Acquisitions of districted companies.
  • Investments participation in existing companies, equity participation or injections.
  • Companies restructuring.
  • Financing in traditional and/or special forms as corporate loans, long and short-term loans, depts restructuring debenture loans, loans based on bonds issuance, etc.

    The equity/own capital increase could be done through participation of Funds or private investors, convertible loans etc. The preferred fields are Food industry, Energy and New Technology projects.

Renewable sources - Energy production

Milltown is active in two axes regarding the environmental impacts:

  • In energy production by renewable sources.
    • Photovoltaic installations, Solar-thermal parks, wind parks, biomass installations and thermoelectric plants with natural gas.
    • Environmental impacts and mainly in CO2 emission, big innovative projects in selected kind of trees plantations of for production of essential oil, wood, briquettes, biomass energy production and in parallel CO2 absorption.
  • Milltown and it’s collaborators and companies, specialized in this sector, covers the clients’ needs in investments, development of new projects, acquisition of licensed projects and projects in operation, financing and projects implementation.

Shipping Industry

Milltown offers its assistance and services to shipping companies.

  • Milltown receiving the investment proposal will specify and concretize the investment project, based on the client’s financial availability, will adjust the business plan and the financing requirements on the market conditions and the existing financial resources, and will indicate the funding, junior loan or financing needed for their project implementation.
  • The shipping market cycle, after the highest point and the peak of the indices in 2009, started slipping, and in 2016-7 as well as after the covid-19 epidemic in the 1st Q 2020 approached the ever lowest level. For the different types of vessels, the index had a different evolution. As representing the biggest volume in the Greek fleet (ranks first in the worlds shipping) the Bulk Carriers arrived in the lowest level on 2016, and for the product tankers on 2018. After the new crisis of covid-19 the market is raised from 1st quarter 2021 and the charter rates are increased very soon arriving to high levels.

Milltown is in contact with successful ship owners and shipping Management companies as well as with financing Institutions for assisting investments in shipping industry. Milltown’s assistance is offered to all invested parts for shipping investments.

Real Estate and Construction Projects

Milltown experience extends in all aspects of real estate and construction projects and applications. Milltown partners have undertaken very important projects in their professional life, starting from engineering and design up to Construction and Management and have managed companies and groups of companies, in the following fields:

  1. planning, design, project implementation, construction supervision, project management of big and challenging tasks and projects.
  2. management of investment companies in Real Estate investing in commercial centers, residential complexes, office assemblies, industrial areas, and Real Estate Investment Companies listed in Athens stock exchange.
  3. Real Estate projects planning and implementation including hotels and resorts.

Milltown collaborating with funds, investors and financial institutions, with its qualification and experience of its partners, staff and collaborators, offers services in Projects development, financing, implementation and management.