Milltown’s activity

Milltown’s activity

Milltown is active and offers services in some crucial for the economy sectors as:

  • Business planning integration;
  • Financing and/or financial support for the investments;
  • Project development;
  • Project implementation and management

The economic sectors of Milltown’s activity are mainly in the:

  • financial sector;
  • shipping industry;
  • energy and mainly green energy;
  • industrial sector;
  • construction and real estate;

Milltown is in collaboration with advisors, funds, financial institutions, experts and organizations in different countries, specialized in the different sectors offering the following services depending on the project needs.

Financing -Assistance and services

Milltown offers its assistance and services to companies in order to (i) specify the appropriate financial structure for their project, (ii) seeking funding, and (iii) financing project’s implementation collaborating with the relevant financial institutions.

  1. Capital raise from:
    • Funds or private equity funds;
    • Private investors;
    • Banks or specialized financial institutions;
  1. Financing:
    • Equity participations;
    • Convertible loan;
    • Long and short term loans;
    • Financing through bonds issuance

Milltown offers the above services after the project presentation and the Client’s agreement, followed by the disclosure of the project’s data and the business plan preparation, in order to determine the financial structure, the form of appropriate financing and the relevant Institution to collaborate with.

Milltown Services

  1. Business plan integration: Milltown after approval of the project’s business plan, based on the market conditions, the investor’s experience and know-how and the projected returns, offers its assistance and services to specify and concretize the presented project’s financial structure and needs, based on the total budget, the existing financial resources, the capital requirements and the adjustment of the forecasts and returns.
  2. Financial sources: Depending on the project’s structure and needs and the Client’s financial availability, Milltown will examine the possibilities to receive financing facilities, to cooperate with private investors, funds and banks, or to find alternative solutions for the project implementation.
  3. Financing: Milltown in collaboration with Financial Institutions will present to the client the different possibilities and forms of loan and the proposed terms and conditions. After the Client’s decision, Milltown will assist them to complete the financing procedures till the disbursement of the loan.
  4. Project implementation: During the project implementation, Milltown may offer a variety of services depending on the project and the client’s needs:
    1. There is the possibility for the Client to get different kind of financing facilities, as Equity participation, corporate loans, or short-term financing and in some cases special forms of working capital:
    2. Concerning renewable energy investments, Milltown, with its collaborating specialized companies, may offer to funds, investors and companies the possibility to participate or acquire operating plants or licensed projects, or even develop new projects.
    3. In the case of Real Estate, Industrial or Energy save or Energy production projects’ implementation, Milltown may offer, also, other services as the licensing and project implementation and, if there is the case, the plant construction. The Project management case is bellow in point 6. In the case of energy projects Milltown may also under take the Maintenance and Operation of the plant.
  5. Financial Restructuring: Milltown with its extensive experience in banking, financing and restructuring may undertake services concerning companies’ or assets’ refinancing or there structuring of the debt of companies. The refinancing procedure is like the already described for financing. The company’s restructuring is a special intervention and includes three steps : (i) the business planning by a specialized advisory company with the restructuring program preparation, (ii) the implementation of the program, and (iii) the monitoring of the program and the business plan application.
  6. Project Management: Milltown offers Project Management services, in different construction or business projects; (i) Real Estate or construction projects (ii) Renewable energy or industrial projects, from the project development licensing and planning up to the commissioning and operations start-up. (iii) Establishment of new structures for any financing, business and investment activity.
    Milltown’s partners have experience of Management of all the above kind of projects from the project development, planning and programming up the implementation, operation start-up and management of Banks, Industrial projects, Real estate and big planning and application projects.