George Sortikos, President

Architect -Engineer specialized in Regional Planning and Development.

  • Development of products, planning and investments
  • Management of Industrial companies.
  • Investment project development for the construction of production installations in Greece and their project implementation, financing, and construction.
  • Restructuring of industrial companies of the public and private sector in food, steel and non-metallic products.
  • Restructuring of consulting companies in Project Management and Business Consulting.
  • Chairman and CEO of Banks: (i) Industrial Development Bank of Greece (ETBA, 1982-87), (ii) Chairman and CEO of Macedonia & Thrace Bank (1987-90).
  • Licensing and Establishment of Banks: (i) Piraeus Bank (1991) and (ii) Omega Bank establishment organization and management (1999-2003).
  • Chairman and CEO of financial institutions: (i) Venture Capital, (ii) Asset Management, (iii) Closed-end Funds and (iv) Fund’s management companies.
  • Project Manager of important programs, as the Industrial areas program of Greece, and the “Thessaloniki 97” Cultural Capital program of projects’ construction of 50 projects.
  • Project manager of public and private sectors’ construction projects in Greek territory: (i) Concert Hall of Thessaloniki, (ii) Western Greece port and Industrial area, (iii) theaters in Thessaloniki and Athens, and (iv) in commercial centers.
  • Expert and Senior Consultant of “Brown & Root” in Northern Greece High-way construction project.
  • Member of BoD of public companies in Athens stock exchange, Association of industries and Cultural Institutions.

George Oikonomou, CEO

  • Starting his professional life, he stayed in France for many years, active initially in insurance companies. He proceeded to:
  • The establishment and management of Insurance brokers companies all over France.
  • Due to his duties he has a wide experience in financial bank-insurance and products, capital risk assurance etc.
  • Coming back in Greece and being partner in an investment in Renewable Energy company, established the affiliated to the above group’s company in Greece. He served as Chief Executive Officer of the Greek company and implemented the business plan proceeding to the establishment in Greece of an important number of Wind and Photovoltaic parks.
  • He is experienced in Trade of commodities and Pharmaceutical and medical products.

Nicholas Yamvrias, economist, MBA USA 1993, Partner

  • Starting his professional life, in USA working in JP Morgan, New York (1993-1994).
  • Academic teaching in University of Indianapolis (1993-1995).
  • He was hired by EFG Eurobank, Aspis Bank Asset Management and BNP as Senior Officer in Asset Management and Private Banking (1994-2002).
  • He joined CREDIT AGRICOLE Group as EMPORIKI Bank’s Chief Institutional Investors Officer. 2002-2006.
  • He was Chief Financial and Development Officer in a pharmaceutical company and research institute in California, USA during 2006 till 2010.
  • He is very experienced in Financing, Institutional Investments, setting up SI Funds in Luxembourg, Strategic Merger and Acquisitions and since 2010 continued his professional life in London as Consultant to Investment Companies and business projects.
  • Since 2020, he is doing consultancy in Greece to business projects management and financial consultancy, and he joined Milltown as partner.
  • He is Chartered Financial Consultant from the Hellenic Committee of Capital Markets and member of many professional associations 

Charles Hindi, Partner

PHD in finances and management, University Holy Spirit of Kaslik Lebanon (1987), Economist MBA.

Specialized in business development and management.

  • President and shareholder of an International Reinsurance Broker company;
  • Stock holder in companies in health sector;
  • Experienced in raw Materials Extraction/Import/Export from European countries to Middle East and Africa;
  • Financial advisor in multinational companies;
  • Financial advisor in Health sector companies and Hospital Group in Beirut;
  • Expert in international trade of commodities.
  • Experienced companies’ expansion in emerging markets;